Danny The Donkey
Rufus the Lurcher
Textile Stags head
Its snowing...
Textile Stags Head
In the workshop
Gnome in November
Beryl the Badger
Lets Party
Gentleman Ratty
working on big family portrait
Stags Head
Little Ratbag

I am an Illustrator, Painter and Maker currently living in the Upper Calder Valley West Yorkshire.  I spent most of my childhood roaming in the countryside in Teesdale (North East England) accompanied by my dog. I was fortunate to be surrounded by animals and wildlife and they fed my imagination along with the characters who lived there. Since early childhood I have felt compelled to create and as I grew older my passion evolved from Childs play to a focus on working as an artist enveloped by Nature and animals.

I studied Environmental Illustration and Design at Sunderland University and graduated in 2001 however, Illustration and painting are just an element of my current work.  I am a forager of found objects and treasures especially textiles be it classical or colourful and I love creating sculptures / characters from either Papier -mache, wire or clay. I work with a dog at my feet in my garden workshop overflowing with odds and sods and heaps of unwanted, interesting or recycled materials waiting to be given a new lease of life. My Pieces all carry a memorable yet whimsical identity and the sculpture work reflects my illustrative style.  My art is carefully illustrated, painted or constructed by hand from conception to completion with a common aim to make folk smile. 

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