I am an Illustrator, Painter and Maker currently living in the Upper Calder Valley West Yorkshire.  I spent most of my childhood roaming in the countryside in Teesdale (North East England) accompanied by my dog (Guinness), I was fortunate to be surrounded by animals and wildlife and they fed my imagination along with the characters who lived there. Since early childhood I have felt compelled to create and as I grew older my passion evolved from Childs play to a focus on working as an artist (enveloped by Nature and animals.)

I studied Environmental Illustration and Design at Sunderland University and graduated in 2001 however, Illustration and painting are just an element of my current work.  I am a forager of found objects and treasures especially textiles be it classical or colourful and I love creating sculptures / characters from either Papier -mache, wire or clay. I work with a dog at my feet in my garden workshop overflowing with odds and sods and heaps of unwanted, interesting or recycled materials waiting to be given a new lease of life. My Pieces all carry a memorable yet whimsical identity and the sculpture work reflects my illustrative style.  My art is carefully illustrated, painted or constructed by hand from conception to completion with a common aim to make folk smile. 

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